The Road to Success

Learn how we make the process of car buying and selling better for everyone involved.

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Customer Journey

Step 1

Easily find the perfect car

Your Express Storefront® is designed with modern shopping habits in mind. Customers can easily search and shop all of your inventory in your showroom or on any device. Responsive design ensures your inventory will look amazing on any size screen.

Step 2

Get pricing info upfront

Customers can see your best online price instantly or when they provide their contact info, if your OEM requires it. Your agents can communicate with them in real-time using our messaging platform.

Step 3

Build a deal in minutes

Customers can use your Express Storefront® to build their deal, taking into account different payment options. They can easily adjust the term and down payment.

Step 4

Value a trade-in

Customers can factor their trade-in value into the deal using Roadster’s Express Trade® or a third-party tool of your choice. Our proprietary trade tool automates the capture of their trade-in info, gives you complete control over the value of their vehicle and allows you to make them a firm offer in just minutes.

Step 5

Add service and protection plans

Showcase your service and protection plans so customers can understand their value and easily add them to their deal sheet. They also have the ability to add on optional accessories.

Step 6


Make it easy for shoppers to customise their cars with optional accessories. Customers can load up on the extras they love — from boot liners to roof rails — right from your Express Storefront®.

Step 7

Finalise the deal

You have the ability to adjust the deal sheet in real time. Once it’s finalised, simply share it with your customers and get their approval.

Step 8

Schedule pickup or delivery

Customers love efficiency and convenience. Deliver both — and even their new car. It’s easy for customers to schedule either a pickup or delivery that takes less than 30 minutes.

Sales Agent Tools

Step 1

Be proactive

Help your internet and BDC teams up their game. Using our sales agent tools, they can proactively send interactive deal sheets to customers who inquire about pricing or who are coming to the end of a finance agreement. This builds customer confidence and reduces back-and-forth churn with your sales team.

Step 2

Wow customers in the showroom

Use our Vehicle Recommender to showcase cars that fit your customers needs. Then enable your customers to touch, tap and toggle their way through an interactive car-buying experience using iPads and kiosks in your showroom.

Step 3

Work deals with ease

Our Express Storefront® product comes fully loaded with powerful deal management tools. From your Dealer Dashboard you can communicate with customers, receive their credit application and trade-in info, and access their entire deal to adjust terms as needed.

Step 4

Flaunt your F&I

Whether interacting with customers in-store or online, there are several opportunities for you to educate customers about the value of your service and protection plans, and entice them with accessories. It’s easy for customers to add both to their deal sheets.

Step 5

Know your stats

See which agents are using your Express tools most effectively and how it’s impacting your bottom line. Our full reporting suite helps everyone perform at their peak.


Step 1

Get up + running fast

Our implementation team will get you ready to roll with Roadster in just weeks. An inventory feed is set up with your existing provider and we’ll load your specified finance and lease rates, layering in all applicable incentives, rebates, taxes, service plans and accessories.

Step 2

Integrate your current systems

We work well with others — website providers, CRM companies, trade valuation tools, lending solutions, auto decisioning tools, etc. You can easily integrate them into our solution to help your team function as effectively as possible.

Step 3

Get compliance cleared

Whether it is OEM compliance, regional market compliance or your own dealership’s legal compliance — we go through the necessary steps to ensure you’re in the clear before launch day.

Step 4

Drive in traffic

Once your Express Storefront® is live, we’ll help make sure customers know all about it. We’ll supply you with free marketing assets that are customised to your brand — like homepage heroes, banners, buttons and video assets — to help drive traffic to your available cars inventory.

Dealer Success + Training

Step 1

Get off to a strong start

We’ll train your entire staff remotely on the customer journey, and sales agent and deal management tools. We’ll start with a management meeting to ensure alignment and to customize our training to your existing process. The idea is to get you up and running fast so that we can make our in person visit more meaningful.

Step 2

Review + improve

Personalized follow-up comes standard with any Roadster product you purchase. We’ll check in frequently, post-launch, to make sure everything is going smoothly — including setting up your CRM, on-boarding new hires, modifying configurations and reviewing our reporting suite.

Step 3

Receive ongoing support

Our support never stalls. Our dealer support crew is available to offer you real, live help any day of the week.

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